Molymex is a Mexican subsidiary of the Chilean consortium Molibdenos y Metales S.A. (Molymet).

It has a molybdenum processing plant in Cumpas, Sonora, Mexico and administrative offices in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Use of Molybdenum

Molybdenum is a silver-gray colored metal, which does not exist in its pure condition in nature, So it is usually associated with other elements, such as sulphide minerals, from which copper is also obtained. It is common for molybdenum to be considered a by-product of the copper extraction operation. 

In the periodic table, molybdenum is identified with the number 42 and its chemical symbol is Mo. It melts at a temperature of 2,610 degrees Celsius. 


Steel industry

1. Molybdenum Oxide

2. Technical Molybdenum Oxide in Briquetess


Administrative Offices and Processing Plant


Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio No. 450 Torre 1, Nivel 5, Local 1 Entre Calle Real Del Arco y Blvd. Solidaridad Colonia Metrocentro C.P. 83250, Hermosillo, Sonora.

Tel. (662) 289 3640


Carretera Moctezuma – Nacozari, Cumpas, Sonora, Mexico.

Tel. (634) 342 9550